Empower your residential estate with Entry Pro

Entry Pro is a leading provider of access control and visitor management solutions, with over two decades of experience in the industry. Our dedication to innovation and technology has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. We continuously strive to provide advanced and tailored solutions to our clients, with a focus on reliability and flexibility. Our portfolio includes various sites, specialising in Residential Estates, and we cater to clients in South Africa and Botswana, offering solutions ranging from entry-level to advanced biometric options.

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Why entry pro?

  • Quicker entry and exit procedures to reduce queues at the gates
  • No unauthorised entry with advanced vehicle and driver scanning
  • Contractor, domestic and staff access management
  • Easy-to-use mobile app for your residents
  • Easy-to-use online system for access control management with advanced reporting
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Entry Pro App

Entry Pro offers a full range of access control management services including:

Entry Pro Professional Services

  • Resident’s biometric access control
  • Resident profile management including tenants, vehicles, pets and more
  • QR code functionality allowing residents to enter and exit using touchless technology
  • Visitor management with an auditable trail
  • Contractors’, Domestic and staff management
  • Entry/exit courtesy notifications to residents from codes sent
  • Advanced reports available in real-time to estate management
  • Communications management including Newsletters, notifications, bulk emails etc.
  • Voice dialling for the guards to residents for unexpected visitors
  • Panic function on the app
  • Facilities bookings via the Entry Pro App
  • Vehicle barriers/booms & turnstiles & gate motors

Entry Pro Mobile App